CCTV/ Video Surveillance System from Technocart Solutions

CCTV/ Video Surveillance System from Technocart Solutions : Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance system is the neediest and used security technology to monitoring such as House, Office, Hospital, Bar, Bank, Hotel, School, Public Areas and in all other places in which people movement to be tracked.

CCTV/Video surveillance system is the most important tool in security system products, its application is very wide and its now a very common specialized product used by all people in the society worldwide. The beginning of CCTV technology was a system in which there were no any recording of footage was possible. The technology is very well developed after the invention of multiplex technology. Now several cameras can be connected to one recording media and can monitor through internet by publishing in to the web.

Application of CCTV/ Video Surveillance System

The application of the CCTV system is a very wide, which can ensure the total safety of your home and premises. Through closed surveillance and remote view through internet anyone can view their surveillance footage locally and anywhere from the world. CCTV system helps you to keep away the thief and intruders away from your premises. Different types of cameras are using in the technology which can give you effective coverage of Passages, Courtyards, Entry and Exit Gates, Garages, Warehouse, Perimeter security and any other areas which required making under surveillance. The common areas of any organization or house in which people movement are high are under risk without surveillance. Effective installation of CCTV system will reduce the risk of theft and intruders activities.

About CCTV/ Video Surveillance System

CCTV/Video surveillance system the name merges a number of different hardware systems as working as a total system. As a CCTV/Video Surveillance system dealer and consultant in Trivandrum, M/s Technocart Solutions is a total solution provider in CCTV/Video surveillance system.

Analog System

Analog system is the traditional system using in CCTV/Video surveillance system technology. In this system analog cameras such as Dome camera, Bullet Camera, Box cameras, PTZ cameras based on the requirement are connected to the DVR (Digital video Recorder) through coaxial cable and the resolution of the cameras are mentioned in TV lines. Technocart Solutions as a dealer in CCTV/Video surveillance system in Trivandrum providing various analog cameras.


Analog High Definition CCTV system is the new technology arrival in the system in which uses coax cable to connect between HD cameras and DVR (Digital video Recorder). The system can deliver 720P/1080P high definition images which gives a very Crystal clear HD image view. Various manufacturers introduced their Analog High Definition CCTV system such as HD-TVI, HD-CVI,HD-SDI and HD-AHD the system all are able to deliver 720P/1080P high definition output. The resolutions of the cameras used in the Analog HD system are mentioned as mega pixel such as 1 Mega Pixel, 2 Mega pixels, 3 Mega pixel Cameras. Technocart solution as a CCTV dealer in Trivandrum offers the total solution in AHD CCTV system and make available of all leading manufactures cameras(Dome camera, Bullet Camera, Box cameras, PTZ cameras) in the market.

IP Camera System in CCTV/ Video Surveillance System

Internet Protocol CCTV system or Network Camera system is the technology in which the digital cameras are connected to a High speed Ethernet network, The digital images captured and processed by the Digital/IP cameras and stored to a Network Video recorder through the Ethernet network. Irrespective of normal technology in CCTV technology IP Camera system has its own unique features. Anyone on the network can potentially see video from any camera connected to the network. The system ensures improved support for remote viewing and control. The ability to connect email and other communication devices through IP technology ensures send alert automatically. In the system POE (Power over Ethernet) offers providing power through Ethernet cable without providing a dedicated power supply. We are providing the total solution in IP Camera technology.

Technocart Solutions in Trivandrum providing total solution and wide range of CCTV Products, Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras in various surveillance range, Box cameras, PTZ cameras, IP cameras DVR, NVR and all other latest technology products updation. We provide a complete range of solution which is most affordable and competitive. Technocart Solutions offering a free no obligation site survey to our customers.