Home Security & Automation Systems from Technocart Solutions

If you’re like most people you’ve got an old Home Security and automation Systems that you don’t know what to do with, but what if you could put it back to work by protecting one of the biggest investments you’ve made, your home. Technocart Solutions make it possible for everyone to feel safe, more secure and in control of their homes. With presence home security & automation systems become powerful, with motion detection alerts and live protection. It’s incredibly easy to install at your home or office.

We turn your home into a smart Home. Home security and automation systems of the past required you to have your house all wired up. Either by using your existing electrical wiring, or by running communication cables. You would also have control panels on your walls, where you had to walk over and go through menus to operate everything. Nowadays we don’t have to do this.

Home security systems comes in a wired or wireless.

Home Security & Automation Systems Features

Home security & automation systems that access and instantly alerts you when something important happens in your home, to keep you connected with what matters most. Some important features of Home security systems.

1. Intrusion Alarm

Behind the Home Security Systems all the sensors keep sending messages to the control panel whenever there is a breaking detected by any type of intrusion. Raises an alarm through the hooter in case of intrusion.

2. Smoke Detection

Smoke alarms are very simple and powerful device that will detect gas, smoke/fire and alerting people to the problem. This device can connect with your home security systems.

3. Wired/wireless

Wired/wireless home security and automation systems, we offer both but there are definitely guidelines that have to be with wireless if you’re going to get the better performance.